The Bear Is My Brother

Welcome to my new home page . . . 


I recently changed hosting services and decided to change the look of my web page.   It is a work in progress, and gift of the heart.   I am constantly learning, growing, and changing.   Sometimes, that also means learning how to use new software.  :-)    (Goodbye Front Page Extensions).    I see this change as an opportunity, to let go of the old, to welcome the new, and to embrace the joy of life in this moment.   In the coming months, I will discuss some teachings as they have been given to me, and my insights on them as they unfolded in my own life.   I hope that something you find here will manifest positive change and growth in your life, as it has in mine. May you always walk the beauty way.


Valerie Nunnelly


I am a shamanic teacher and practitioner located in rural East Central Alabama.  Shamanic healing is the oldest healing method in the world, and in, my view, is one of the most pure and profound.    Here in the Deep South,  it is often very misunderstood.     My goal is to educate, and to help remove the fear and dogma that sometimes surrounds this work, and to make shamanic training available to everyone, without the need to travel to far off locations.    When I teach, there is no "secret" knowledge, and I place no limitation on how you use what you learn from me, except that you do so ethically, compassionately, safely and responsibility.   Ethics, in particular, is extremely important, and I place high emphasis on this in my classes.  I am currently revising this website, as well as my alternate site at   I hope you will check here soon.