The Bear Is My Brother

Welcome 2017 . . . 

In recent months, people have asked me for personal instruction.  I would love to be able to accomodate this teaching style, but for me, shamanic work is a ministry and not a job.  I do work full time, and am in ceremony several times a week after work, so personal time is at a premium.   I am looking into venues for live workshops to be offered in the spring, but for now, I am offering some classes for beginners on my blogs with study group support through Facebook.   The blogs are just easier for me to work with, since Blogger will automatically convert the format to make it easier to read for those who are using a tablet or mobile device.  If you join the Facebook study group, you will get notifications when the next class is posted, and will also have support and interaction with other students, including me and one other moderator.

I have created two free online courses.   The first one is a called "Medicine Wheel Journeys" and it is an ongoing study of the medicine wheel and the lessons it teaches.   I have found the medicine wheel to be a lifetime study.  More about that is discussed in the blog.

The second online course is called, "Compassionate Journeys", and it is devoted to the study of shamanic healing.   The goal is to offer you some solid instruction and some ethical guidelines, based on my work and experiences over the past decade. 

The first lessons are up at the blog, just click the links in the menu at the top of the page.  The links to the Facebook group are included in the first lesson and have also been posted to the blog menus.  I look forward to working with you in 2017.   If you have any questions, please fill out my contact page.   May you walk in beauty and grace.



Valerie Nunnelly


I am a shamanic teacher and practitioner located in rural East Central Alabama.  Shamanic healing is the oldest healing method in the world, and in, my view, is one of the most pure and profound.    Here in the Deep South,  it is often very misunderstood.     My goal is to educate, and to help remove the fear and dogma that sometimes surrounds this work, and to make shamanic training available to everyone, without the need to travel to far off locations.    When I teach, there is no "secret" knowledge, and I place no limitation on how you use what you learn from me, except that you do so ethically, compassionately, safely and responsibility.   Ethics, in particular, is extremely important, and I place high emphasis on this in my classes.  I am currently revising this website, as well as my alternate site at   I hope you will check here soon.